Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Seasons are Changing...

Life changes seasons...
sometimes slowly and sometimes all at once before you even know it.
There is a new season blossoming here at Molly Johnson Photography...
I have purchased a home in Grand County Colorado, so I'm now "kinda" officially going to be residing here in the beautiful mountains and calling it my permanent base.
Of course I will still travel and work anywhere the wind blows...
but it's something new.
I'm starting over (AGAIN) and trying to grow my photography business here in Grand County.
I will be more available for ANY kind of photographic work that comes my way;
Family Portraits
Real Estate
Fine Art

Just call me... 210-262-0396
Or email me: 

Looking forward to this new season!
God Bless! 

Christmas is COMING....

 Yep- It's time to start thinking about ordering your 
Christmas Cards folks.... 
Click on the link below to be re-directed to my design site where you can choose the design you like and send in your order form to get the ball rolling!

Choose from many different designs like this one!

Monday, September 26, 2016


Since FALL is the absolute BEST time of the year, I've decided to do a "Fall Color Sale"- featuring mostly images taken during the Fall- but also some of my favorite works. This is of course, not a comprehensive showing, but some I love.  Prices listed at end of post.
"On Point"- Granby, Colorado
"Peek a Boo"- Wyoming

Sun capture in Aspens #1- Colorado

Sun capture in Aspens #2- Colorado


"Lunch Break"

"Camoflauge Aspens"

"Horse, What Horse?"

"Rest Stop"

"Escape at Dusk"

"Spring in the High Rockies"

"Dexter Meadow"

"Horseman's Charge"

"Ticket to Anywhere"

"Shadow Mountain Scenic"

"Mellow Yellow"

"Shadow Mountain Scenic with Fall Willows"

"Winter Dock"

"Molly Anne Sailboats"

"Lone Tree at Ghost Ranch"

Sun capture in Aspens #3- Colorado

High top Aspens #1- Colorado

High top Aspens #2- Coloradoon

High top Aspens #3- Colorado

High top Aspens #4- Colorado

*Images are printed on metal or metallic paper. Can be shipped anywhere in the Central US. Shipping and Handling and Taxes are not included in the below prices. Prices will vary depending on size, and shipping. All major credit cards accepted. 
Email: or call 210-262-0396 to place your order! 

11x17"- $160

*Additional sizes available upon request.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fun things to do at C Lazy U Ranch...

Have a portrait made and then get a barnwood frame branded by the fire!

Family photos are always beautiful with our amazing scenery and backdrops!

Or you can just hang with the horses....

There's fly fishing on Willow Creek...

Zip lining across the creek!

Trap Shooting at the Range!

Try your hand at our vertical playground on the Ropes Course!

Practice your Horsemanship skills in the Arena...

Or on the trail....

Or, you can "take a hike!"

Monday, March 7, 2016

CLU Guest Season, 2015

Summer was GLORIOUS!!!
Here are a FEW images from my work this summer at the 
in Granby, Colorado! 
I have truly been enjoying my time as the Ranch Photographer here and living in the mountains has been a dream come true! It's awfully hard for me to pick "just a few"- but these are some of my favorites! I hope you can get a true taste of what the ranch is like just from these photos! 
Don't be shy- come visit!!!