Sunday, November 29, 2015

Winter Wonderland

I've just spent the most magical weekend photographing some of the most amazing families here on the ranch! It was a little chilly for some of the sessions, but the scenic backdrop created by this beautiful winter wonderland was amazing! Thanks for toughing it out guys! 
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

C Lazy U Guest Ranch

Colorado's Premier Guest Ranch since 1919...

Returning this summer to my position as Ranch Photographer and Videographer has been one of the most refreshing decisions I've made in the past year! This area is filled with epic mountain scenics that never get old, wildlife of all kinds around every corner, amazing wildflowers blooming in open mountain meadows and one of my favorite places on Earth- C LAZY U GUEST RANCH in Granby, Colorado. I have the distinct opportunity to meet 150 new people every week and get to know them by photographing their families while they are on vacation! We have a staff of 140 amazing people from all over the world working here. You are never bored, that's for sure! Here are a couple of my favorite images I've created so far this summer, more to come, always!

One of my favorite views on the ranch. This is right after we've brought the horses back out to pasture for the evening! One of the only ranches I know of that still gathers their horses every morning on horseback... 

The river is especially high this year, making for some fun "splashing" shots! (Plus this is one of my favorite horses on the ranch- Smokey!) 

This is the epitomy of the expressions I get to capture every single day! Happy people riding horses in the sunshine, doesn't get much better than this! 

Petey is our ranch mascot! He is a Sicilian Mini Donkey! 

Good Morning from the Barn! 

Our Amazing Staff Family for 2015!
Love these guys! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Family Portrait Season is HERE! (Again!)

I always love posting this in July... it makes people freak out a little, and also consider the fact that Christmas is less than FIVE months away... and sending your Christmas Cards out will come even sooner than that! SO- don't delay... book your session early (before September 31, 2014) and receive a special gift compliments of the photographer! 

How to Book: 
Call Molly at 210-262-0396
Email Molly at

2014 Christmas Special: 
$275 sitting fee
$600 minimum order 
(can be applied to custom portraits or Christmas Card orders) 
Payment due in FULL on the day you book your session. 
Refunds will not be given for cancellations, unless a 72 hour prior notice is given.

*In another state? 
Don't be afraid to ask. 
I frequently travel during the Holidays and will be glad to squeeze ya in if I'm in your area!
(Colorado, Texas, Wyoming...)  

If you are a CLU Member, please click on the link below to see the details of the 2014 Member Discount Offer! 

CLU Lifestyle Portait Special

Sunday, March 30, 2014

SEVENTEEN....yep- count 'em!!!

I had the honor of photographing this absolutely beautiful family over Christmastime... and I am just now getting around to getting a few of these posted on the blog! I had to share, the photos are beautiful, and we had 17 people in the family portrait! What a great time! See you again next year "R" family!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Twin Elm Guest Ranch and RV Resort, Bandera, Texas


"Hey!" That's right, YOU!!!!

It's Spring Break in the Texas Hill Country, and what better way to spend your days than out in the corral and on the trails with the horses?! 
I recently had the honor to photograph the staff and guests at the 
Twin Elm Guest Ranch and River RV Resort! 
It's one of my favorite places to be! 
Check out some of my favorite images of the week!

Definitely NOT short of personality here folks!  

I love this ranch because they cater to children of ALL ages, even the grown-up ones!  

A beautiful family portrait on Horseback, with the scenic Texas Hill Country view behind!  

BFF's- at least by the end of the week they were! 

Just a "little" excited to go on her first ride!  

 Wedding Proposal on Horseback on the Trail- she had NO idea!!!! 
To see more of the images, click here: 

She did say YES! 

I liked to call these girls "The Gaggle of Blonde Beauties"
(Gaggle is the word used for a "flock" of geese babies!) 

 Bobby, one of the Cowboys at the Twin Elm.... 

Cutter is the youngest, and bravest of all the Cowboys helping out at the ranch! He's learning to be a right good hand!  

Justin Brantley, Head Wrangler and Manager of the Ranch! 

One for the ladies, his best side....  

 Garrett and Steven helping out for the week! 

Please check out the Twin Elm website:
they have SO many wonderful activities going on there, 
and the staff are just wonderful! 

Horseback Riding
All-Inclusive Stays
RV Resort, Camping
and and and....