Sunday, February 7, 2016


With a background in Commercial Photography, I truly enjoyed documenting this trip. It's amazing how much you can enjoy your career if it's your hobby too! It made me really want to get back into commercial and editorial work! 
We recently took a trip to Cabo Mexico and it was so fabulous to get out of the snow and into the sun!
The Marina!

Los Arcos

Our friend, Pete, enjoying the sun... oh yeah, and fishing!

The "Goods"

Another view of the Arches...

Feeding the birds the leftover Bait!

And some, you don't have to feed, they just help themselves!

And they show off while they're at it...

Then they invite their friends to join!


A little LOVE on the beach!

The Hotel... it was amazing!

Ocean front Property...

The view from our Hotel!

A little moment on the beach, enjoying the last moments of sunshine and sand in between my toes!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ice Fishing 101...

It's been a helluva weekend.
Three days on the ice...
And it was cold, I mean, you can't find snow boots to keep that out... even toe warmers- forget it, they don't work.
A small village of ice rednecks showed up with almost everything they owned, then they packed it into their fishing huts and proceeded to catch fish!

First, you must drill the holes... and they better be in the right spot otherwise you will fall into them when going in and out of the tent.. and I'm told this is not pleasant.
 Then you must bait the hooks.
With things that look sexual...
Yes, I know, keep it professional-
but I can't help it... They look like... well you get the idea.

Best left the hook baiting to the pros...

 Then you sit... and wait...

 And you watch for the tip to bob up and down...

Oh yeah- and you drink!!!!

 Your man checks the poles.
While you drink inside in the warmth.

He re-baits the hooks! 
Did I mention you are drinking during this time?

Tries some new flies....

And "Waaa Laa!" You get one...
The pale fish comes up out of the depths of the Lake
It's the most amazing thing when they come out of the hole and lay there flapping around.
They are quite big and quite beautiful.
And the best part? Wait for it....

Letting them go back down!!!

And just so you know... I caught the biggest fish of the day! 23" and all by myself. I even baited my own hook.

"I cried on the first day when I had to touch the smelly bait and put it on my hook, and then I tried to hold the fish up I caught and they were all slimy and moving around and it freaked me out...I am a vegetarian after all, not by choice, but for "health" reasons. (Bad things happen to my guts in case you are wondering!) But now, I got this. Baited my own hooks, reeled my own fish in, held em up for a photo and actually smiled. Also- I cooked them and ate a bite or 2 and they were tasty!!! Next time I will learn how to dig the hook out of their mouths... maybe!"

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Storm is a Comin'!!!

"Way Out West"

So, I am working on a new website...
I've been going BLIND- totally BLIND (and a little crazy) looking at all of the images I've shot over the past 15 years.
I found this.
It made me happy!
I needed to show it to you!
The storm almost got these riders before they made it into the barn!
It wasn't "The Perfect Storm"- but it was one of those amazing ones where you sit under a tin roof and think to yourself how cool this is.
You realize you are truly in the West-
listening to a thunderstorm under a tin roof
watching the cows move around in the storm
trying to decide if you should dance in the rain or watch it splash in the puddles on the ground...
It was a beautiful storm on the Eastern Plains of Colorado.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Winter Wonderland

I've just spent the most magical weekend photographing some of the most amazing families here on the ranch! It was a little chilly for some of the sessions, but the scenic backdrop created by this beautiful winter wonderland was amazing! Thanks for toughing it out guys! 
Merry Christmas!