Thursday, July 24, 2014

Family Portrait Season is HERE! (Again!)

I always love posting this in July... it makes people freak out a little, and also consider the fact that Christmas is less than FIVE months away... and sending your Christmas Cards out will come even sooner than that! SO- don't delay... book your session early (before September 31, 2014) and receive a special gift compliments of the photographer! 

How to Book: 
Call Molly at 210-262-0396
Email Molly at

2014 Christmas Special: 
$275 sitting fee
$600 minimum order 
(can be applied to custom portraits or Christmas Card orders) 
Payment due in FULL on the day you book your session. 
Refunds will not be given for cancellations, unless a 72 hour prior notice is given.

*In another state? 
Don't be afraid to ask. 
I frequently travel during the Holidays and will be glad to squeeze ya in if I'm in your area!
(Colorado, Texas, Wyoming...)  

If you are a CLU Member, please click on the link below to see the details of the 2014 Member Discount Offer! 

CLU Lifestyle Portait Special

Sunday, March 30, 2014

SEVENTEEN....yep- count 'em!!!

I had the honor of photographing this absolutely beautiful family over Christmastime... and I am just now getting around to getting a few of these posted on the blog! I had to share, the photos are beautiful, and we had 17 people in the family portrait! What a great time! See you again next year "R" family!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Twin Elm Guest Ranch and RV Resort, Bandera, Texas


"Hey!" That's right, YOU!!!!

It's Spring Break in the Texas Hill Country, and what better way to spend your days than out in the corral and on the trails with the horses?! 
I recently had the honor to photograph the staff and guests at the 
Twin Elm Guest Ranch and River RV Resort! 
It's one of my favorite places to be! 
Check out some of my favorite images of the week!

Definitely NOT short of personality here folks!  

I love this ranch because they cater to children of ALL ages, even the grown-up ones!  

A beautiful family portrait on Horseback, with the scenic Texas Hill Country view behind!  

BFF's- at least by the end of the week they were! 

Just a "little" excited to go on her first ride!  

 Wedding Proposal on Horseback on the Trail- she had NO idea!!!! 
To see more of the images, click here: 

She did say YES! 

I liked to call these girls "The Gaggle of Blonde Beauties"
(Gaggle is the word used for a "flock" of geese babies!) 

 Bobby, one of the Cowboys at the Twin Elm.... 

Cutter is the youngest, and bravest of all the Cowboys helping out at the ranch! He's learning to be a right good hand!  

Justin Brantley, Head Wrangler and Manager of the Ranch! 

One for the ladies, his best side....  

 Garrett and Steven helping out for the week! 

Please check out the Twin Elm website:
they have SO many wonderful activities going on there, 
and the staff are just wonderful! 

Horseback Riding
All-Inclusive Stays
RV Resort, Camping
and and and.... 

Fritracht! By Monica Hoeffel-Murphy


(meaning "Friday" [FRI] and "Clothing"[TRACHT] in Germish- 
that's a combination between German and English!)

So, I have a girlfriend who is a fellow photographer and artist. 
And she totally embodies all that goes with those titles. 
She is living abroad in Munich, Germany... 
Jealous? Um, yes, just a little bit! 
Anyways- she documents her travels, her life and her passion (German clothing) on this fabulous blog filled with what I call: 

Here are a few of the photos from her recent blog postings, 
plus the address so you can LINK up and check it out yourself! 

(I always make it a Saturday morning tradition with a cup of my favorite German tea in hand!)
She makes a new post every week on Friday, hence the name.... 

If you see this, you're in the right place, just scroll down and enjoy!  
Oh- and by the way, she writes everything in English, so we Americans can understand! 

Just a couple of "snapshots" of some of my 
favorite recent blog posts!!! 
Check out her blog for the full write ups!

 Yes, that is a goose in a basket on a bike in downtown Munich.....

Any feedback can be directed to Monica Hoeffel-Murphy at

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tooting my own horn... sort of....

I'm not really into talking about myself and saying how great and wonderful I am...
(chime in here anytime folks- ha ha),
but lately, I've been writing down A LOT of recipes.
I mean A LOT- and I'm starting to get writer's cramp here people.
I haven't been, to date, that great at keeping all my recipes in one place, or even "archiving" them the way I should.
However, there are about 20-30 recipes in my repertoire that I keep going back to. Some I take to people's houses for parties, some I make for my family and friends, and some are just my absolute favorite way to "comfort" myself when I feel like I have nothing else to eat. 

Let me just explain to you that my life SUCKS when it comes to food- really.
I am gluten intolerant, yeast intolerant, sugar intolerant and lactose intolerant.
Oh yeah, and did I mention I am a vegetarian?
Most people might say I am playing the "whining" card, but realistically, I didn't get to choose any of these things for myself.
I mean, let's be honest, who would?
Bread and cheese are the best invention since... well they are the best... but I have to limit and watch very carefully how I eat these things, otherwise, well, let's not go into the details here, but just know, its not pretty.

So, for me, I need some food that makes me happy every once in a while so that I don't cry myself to sleep every night. I need something with flavor, with crunch, with creativity. I love to cook and had to learn to feed myself at a young age unless I wanted to be stuck eating mashed potatoes and broccoli every day of my life-(sorry Mom- nervous laugh inserted here).

Before "Chopped"was ever run on the Food Network, I was scrambling around in the fridge and the pantry looking for something to combine to make this other something taste good... and I got pretty good at it over the years.

I would say that my food is simple, comforting, tasty and real. I try not to use too many processed things, unnatural ingredients or anything that is an unusual color (like Velveeta cheese).
So, with all this being said, I am putting out a couple of feelers to my "peeps" to see who would really be interested in a worthwhile effort being put forth on my part to create a cookbook of my little Hamlet of recipes?

The books would be priced between $40-60 (not including shipping) and there would be approximately 20-30 AMAZING (really, I am not just being arrogant here) recipes in the book with color photographs.... all my personal take on the world of "gluten free, vegetarian" cooking. Real stuff that tastes good, not like cardboard.

What are your thoughts?
Please feel free to email me to reserve your copy of the book, suggest recipes I've cooked for you or to tell me to piss off. Your choice!

Recipes I am thinking of Including: 

*Butternut Squash and Artichoke Parmesan Bake
-rivals even your Grandma's Thanksgiving Stuffing with Fresh Thyme, Parmesan and Gluten Free Bread Crumbles!

*Edamame Basil Salad
-let me just say-BASIL, feta, edamame- so easy and delicious, you won't know how you ever lived without it!

*Award Winning Vegetarian Chili
-yes, really, it beat like 20 other chili's with meat in them!

*Sweet Potato Enchildas with Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Sauce
-do I really have to explain this one? Just wipe away the drool....

*Greens, Garlics N Quinoa
-again, so easy, so tasty and the Quinoa makes it the perfect vegetarian pairing!

If you do not like Rotel, don't know what Quinoa is, or you can live without massive amounts of Artichokes and Avocados in your diet, this is NOT the right cookbook for you!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Thought you might need this to get through your Wednesday! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Just a few photos that need no words to remind us of what the Holidays are really all about.....  

May your Holiday Season be blessed with family, true friendship, joy, love and the promise of the Lord! Merry Christmas! God Bless! 
XOXO ~Molly 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Custom Designed Christmas Cards!

So, the Holidays are just around the corner... 
it's not like you forgot... 
all the stores are already stocking their Christmas goodies, and here you are- 
and you still haven't thought about your Christmas Cards have you?
Don't worry, I can help. 
I can do more than help- I can DO IT FOR YOU!

Here's a sample of a *FEW* of the templates, all of them are on display on my Facebook page. 
Click on the link at the bottom of the post to display ALL of the templates. 
(Just substitute your photos and your names into the spaces- and BOOM- 
you've got a beautiful card to send out!) 

Prices at the bottom of this post... 

Here's the link to click on to see ALL of the templates
 on Facebook! 


*Custom Designed Cards (for use with Molly Johnson Photography Images)*
Customization Fee: $25
Printing Fees: (at a professional quality photo lab)
1-50 cards: $3.30 per card 
51-125 cards: $3.15 per card 
126-225 cards: $3.00 per card
226 and more: $2.50 per card  

*Custom Designed Cards (for use with your own personal images)*
Customization Fee: $45
Printing Fees: (at a professional quality photo lab)
1-50 cards: $3.30 per card 
51-125 cards: $3.15 per card 
126-225 cards: $3.00 per card
226 and more: $2.50 per card  

*Template Fee*
$50 for clients, $150 for commercial photographers
(to purchase the template only and have the cards printed yourself, 
you must have a photo editing software that can edit PSD files in order to buy the template)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Picturesque Scenery for the perfect wedding day!

Just a little note to say: 
xoxo- Molly
More to come soon! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Portrait Season is HERE!!!!

I know, I know... you don't want to think about it right? 
Argh! But, why not treat your family to professional and customized photoshoot this year instead of those hours of grueling smartphone photos trying to get "just the right one" for your Christmas Card? 
I promise it doesn't hurt! 
I promise it will be fun!
I also promise you will love your photos!  

Formal... see above
Informal... see below

I've got you covered, just show up... let's have fun making some art for your walls and creating a fun family experience!

BONUS: Just to make you feel better, if you book your session before October 1, I'll give you a special Fall Discount... but you've got to email me or call me to reserve your spot in order to receive the discount! 210-262-0396!

C'mon- you know you've been wanting to do it! You'll be surprised at how affordable and fun it is! Call me!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Where ever you go....

There you are.... 
something I am trying to remember today...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Sweet Girl!

Swiss Surprise
22 years old
Purebred Arabian Mare
(My True Best Friend) 

Yes, this beautiful piece of horse art is mine.
She has been mine for over 20 years.
I love her more than breath- almost.
She's 22 this year.
We've had LOTS of good times together, and she keeps surprising me.
Every year, she gets more loving, and more astute.
And by astute, I mean she's smarter than me.
Just when I think I've got her figured out, she finds a way to make me laugh, or challenges me to become a better rider.
This summer I hurt my leg in a horse related accident (she wasn't involved), so being able to get back into riding has been a little difficult to say the least, physically anyways.
She's been so patient with me, even though my leg is definitely NOT giving her the right commands.
She always comes to me in the pasture when I call her name,
she's always nosing around for some treats in my pockets.
She is better than your most comfortable pair of boots,
more loyal than your best friend,
AND- she smells better than the Earth- because she is from the Earth. It's like a grassy, dusty, horsey smell.
Really, in THIS world, there is NOTHING better than a girl and her horse.
And this one, this little, tiny, old mare, she is mine.
Til the day she dies, we are stuck together.
Love her forever.
Just thought you might like to see her too.
Still going strong after all these years and all these adventures!!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ahhhh.... blessed adventure!!!

Yes, yes, this can happen. 
You can get yourself SO utterly lost in the middle of nowhere 
(right before a huge thunderstorm) 
and this is what you will see.... 
a hand carved sign with the most beautiful scenery around! 

Clearly, the sign means "KEEP OUT"- but in a friendly 4th grader writing kinda way! 

But isn't it interesting where the road can end up sometimes? 
Just looking back over the last 2 years of my life and counting my blessings. 
It has been quite an adventure, 
lots of open roads,
lots of new faces, 
lots of new experiences. 
Some hard, some amazing and some that just are life.
It's images like this that renew me and make me want to keep my camera in the backseat of my car, 
just like I used to do when I first became a photographer. 
The images have emotion, and yet they can be art as well. 
Isn't that what is so alluring about creating something in the first place?
Not only is it an emotional expression from the artist, 
but in a way it can also define a place, a face, an object.
Sometimes the definition is so crystal clear that you will never forget it.
Sometimes it means only something subjectively to the artist or the client...
but mostly, it will remain. 
Art will never die... even if digital photography has threatened to overrun our businesses... 
our art, our soul of light inside of us, this you can never kill... 
...just thinking!