Custom Christmas Cards

*2016 Christmas Card Specials* 

It's that time of year again... buying matching sweaters, lining up the kids, 
trying to find just ONE photo to use for your card, then ordering the cards, 
writing on them... ARGH! It's enough to make you want to pull your hair out!

Take the "twist out of your tinsel" this year 
and let me take care of the hard part!!!
Simply view the designs below, pick one you like
and send in the order form! DONE!

*Custom Designed Cards*
Personalization Fee: $25
Printing Fees:
1-50 cards: $3.30 per card 
51-125 cards: $3.15 per card 
126-225 cards: $3.00 per card
226 and more: $2.50 per card 

"Golden Christmas" Template

"Antler Flakes" Template

"Ranch Greetings" Template

"Vintage Snowflake" Template

"Cowboy Postcard" Template

"Fenceposts & Holly" Template

"Snowy Holiday" Template
4 Easy Steps: 
1- Choose the design you like the best from the templates above.

2- Select the images you would like to use on your card from your images
that were taken at C Lazy U Ranch while you were a guest. 

3- Decide on the "Personalization" part of your card.
(Greeting, Names, etc)

4- Email Molly with the "ORDER FORM" below and wait for your email proof to arrive,
then simply make any changes by responding and your order will be complete! 

(copy and paste this into your email to order your cards,
Place your order by November 31, 2015 in order to arrive BEFORE Christmas!)


Guest First and Last Name: _____________________________________________

Date of Visit to CLU:_______________________________ 

Shipping Address to send cards: __________________________________________


Phone #: _______________________________________

Card Template Name:__________________________________________________

Images to use on card: ex (IMG_0034) 

Personalization Message: ex ("Happy Holidays from the Tonders") 



# of cards to order: _____________
Would you like envelopes?  YES or NO

Payment info: 


Exp date:_______  Security Code:_________Billing Zip Code:______________

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